Knit, Purl and Drink Chardonnay

Knit, Purl and Drink Chardonnay

I wanted to share a little project I worked on for many, many months. A labor of love, as they say.

You should know, that (1) I knit a little here and there (2) my sister-in-law is pregnant (my first nephew!) and (3) she and I share a love of all things Harry Potter.

It all started with a blanket I saw on Etsy…and the famous last words, “I can do that”. And I was off.

You may notice the common theme of wine in these pictures, not that I needed the wine for the project but I just really like chardonnay.

I assure you, even if the wine is not in the picture, it was around…somewhere.

I had to learn to crochet to put the finishing edge around the blanket.

I finished the blanket a few days before the shower…so I whipped up this hat in one evening.

Stuffed bunny NOT included.

The blanket wasn’t perfect, there for sure were mistakes, parts that look less than professional and it will probably fall apart in the first wash…but I loved doing it, for my sister-in-law and that sweet baby I can’t wait to meet and spoil rotten!

You cannot surprise me anymore…

You cannot surprise me anymore…

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t read/watched The Fault in Our Stars, Gone Girl, My Sister’s Keeper or the Sixth Sense…I need you watch/read first. Really though…if you haven’t seen the Sixth Sense someone has surely spoiled it for you by now. If you have read or watched all of these things or don’t care too much about spoilers…please, do carry on***

By the time I was in third grade I was already an avid reader. I remember very distinctly in Mrs. Boos’ class she awarded us little paper hot air ballons for every book we read and posted them on the wall. Mine started on the floor and were pasted all the way up to and on the ceiling. To say I have always been a lover of books would be an understatement.

When I was youngmy stepmom placed all her Nancy Drew books in my room. These were the BEST…hard back with that old book smell. It was at that age when I first discovered that feeling of must…read…one…more…chapter, until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. I also learned how to be an amateur dectective.

All this to say…you can’t surprise me any more (with a few exceptions…we’ll get to that). If there is a villan/murderer/thief antagonist, I will figure it out well before one is supposed to. This has also translated over into movies and TV.

I rarely have that moment where one says, “OH MY GOD I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING”

(except for maybe Scandal…I mean that Shonda Rimes is crazy! She doesn’t get me everytime, mind you)

I miss it, I really do, I wish I could be blissfully ignorant. But I have read and watched it all, you cannot surpise me anymore. You can turn and twist all you want but I call it almost everytime. I could have told you with almost absolute certianty that Gus (The Fault in our Stars) would die first. I mean, from the first time they met…come onhe’s cancer free for 14 months and she’s living on borrowed just guaranteed his death sentence. Didn’t save me from crying though…well done John Green…well done.

The mom, best friend, nice elderly neighbor etc etc that are so helpful and kind…MURDERS…the whole lot! (This is the basic premise of Law and Order…5 episodes and you know what’s up.)

The movies and books I enjoy most now are ones that you know from the beginning how it will end (ie The Silent Wife or Titanic)

Here are a few exceptions…

Gone Girl…I was fairly sure she was not telling the complete truth, but I did not think they would stay together once he knew. I’m not sure what they are going to do with the movie but I hope it gives us the same feeling of “OH no she didn’t!!!”

My Sister’s Keeper…Jodi Picoult is my favorite author and I SHOULD have seen this one coming but I was so wrapped up in the story I wasn’t thinking straight. I mean she really got me with that one. (PS…the book is different from the movie…the OTHER/healthy sister dies in the book…much better ending).

The Sixth Sense…really surprised me with “he was dead the whole time”. The only caveat now is since I’ve seen this type of ending…you won’t get me twice. I’m lookin out for ya now.

I really hope I’m one of just a few with this very special gift otherwise I just made an ass of myself in the entire post merely stating the obvious. Let’s hope not.

And last dear readers, I leave you with this. I think it goes without saying…

If you even had to ask, you weren’t a reader afterall.



The death of the mixed tape

The death of the mixed tape

Somewhere between undergrad and grad school (close to 10 years) something happened….I ceased to exist on the forefront of technology.

I’m not sure I can pin point exactly when it was…but I got old and a lot less cool. I’m okay with it in some ways…but others…not so much…

Please let me explain…

The other night the hubs and I went to a new-ish bar with some very new 21 year old’s. The music was right up my alley…as soon as I heard Janet Jackson’s ESCAPADE from the Rhythm Nation album, I was instantly transported back to my childhood bedroom listening to the cassette tape on my boombox, looking at the insert for the hundredth time, memorizing every word and making up the dance moves.


I looked up at said 21 year old’s and got blank stares. “Um…you know this song right?”



When Madonna’s “Vogue” came on I tentatively asked, “but surely you know this song?”



“That’s okay…I’ll make you a mixed tape”


A few days later I realized, how the hell do you make a mixed tape anymore? I have several on CD’s, but who carries around a CD player anymore?

No one. no one has a walkman or discman anymore.

Gone are the days of the mixed tape. Oh well.

I’ll just be over here on Google trying to figure out how the hell to use spotify.

A little bit of sappy…you’ve been warned.

A little bit of sappy…you’ve been warned.

Everybody has a family, or they did at one point in their lives. You are forever linked to those people, to your parents, siblings, aunts and cousins.  Linked by DNA and usually (hopefully) a sense of belonging and love.

I love my family, I think they are pretty great people and I know I’m fortunate to have grown up in their care and protection.

But I also have a second family (nothing weird…don’t let your imagination get away with you) that I don’t give nearly enough credit for shaping me into the person I’ve become.


You see I have these friends that are more than just friends, they are my family, my heart, my lifeline and my support. I don’t think everyone has that and I know that makes me double fortunate.

grid2When we are all together my heart is full, my cup runneth over.

the girls in mexicoOh and I’m sure you can guess, after almost  two decades (getting there, not quite) of friendship, the shit they have on me is quite extensive. But you’ll never get it out of them because they love me…plus I have an equal amount on them.

I hope we’ll be friends forever.

friendship 3


BTW…I’ve been friends with Jill the longest, and this was the best (and nearly only) picture I could find of us in this decade.

jill and me